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Fit Liberty

Portable Protein Bottle

$49.99 USD

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In the realm of portable beverage solutions, behold the Quantum Quench Vortex, our avant-garde Portable Protein Bottle that transcends conventional designs. Immerse yourself in its triple fortification against leaks, featuring a sports protective sleeve, a flip, and an ergonomic nozzle, ensuring a spill-proof companion for your active lifestyle. Fabricated from Tritan, an ethereal material untethered by BPA, it harmonizes the transparency of glass with the ethereal weight of plastic, offering a vessel that transcends the ordinary. Simplify your post-nutrition ritual with its self-cleaning prowess—just introduce detergent and water, activate the switch, and witness a dance of self-purification. The rechargeable and potent motor, an unseen force sans batteries, aligns seamlessly with any USB port, a feat that both conserves resources and enhances usability. At its core, a vigorous 6500rpm motor orchestrates a ballet of smooth, clump-free protein powder amalgamation. Unleash the Quantum Quench Vortex, a stellar fusion of innovation and convenience, and gift the cosmos of nutrition to those you hold dear.

Product Details

Material: Tritan + Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene + Silicone

Package Includes

1 x Portable Protein Bottle

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Portable Protein Bottle - Fit Liberty

Portable Protein Bottle

$49.99 USD

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