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Fit Liberty

Hand Grip Trainer

$28.99 USD

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Strengthen your hand, wrist, and forearm with precision using our Hand Grip Trainer. Designed for effective hand training exercises, this gripper not only enhances overall fitness and endurance but also incorporates an intelligent mechanical counter to effortlessly track and monitor your grip strength progress. With customizable resistance through a unique spring design, you can adjust tension levels to your preferences, ensuring a challenging yet manageable workout experience. The gripper's anti-slip handle and premium stainless steel spring provide a comfortable grip, targeting muscles effectively. This versatile tool supports improved flexibility and rehabilitation, making it suitable for users seeking joint mobility enhancement or recovering from injuries. Tailored for adults and rehabilitation purposes, our Hand Grip Trainer offers convenience, motivation, and effective hand strength training for a diverse range of users, from fitness enthusiasts to those undergoing rehabilitation programs.

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1 x Hand Grip Trainer

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Hand Grip Trainer

$28.99 USD

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